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Iran before the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire

Achaemenid/Persian Empire
Cyrus II
Darius I
Satrapy System
Greco-Persian Wars

-Iranian Plateau and the piedmont regions of the Zagros Mountains were occupied since the Paleolithic
-During Neolithic and Chalcolithic: Village communities and practice of agriculture

Proto-Elamite Period (3100-2700 BC): Developing Local Cultures
Animals Acting Like Humans

Old Elamite Period (2700-1950 BC): Developed Local Cultures
Mixed Creatures

Cosmological Combat Scenes Between Animals

Middle Elamite Period (1500-1100 BC):
Political unity of the Zagros mountain zone and lowlands under Elamite rulers.

Use of cuneiform script to write Elamite language (below)

Neo-Elamite Period (1100-539 BC): Rise of Neo-Assyrian Empire in the Near East

Local Cultures of the Zagros Mountains: Luristan