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AGE OF THE EMPIRES - The Achaemenids


The Median Empire (612-549 BC)
The Medes were Persian speaking ancient Iranian people who started entering Iran in the course of 2nd millennium BC.

The Achaemenid Empire (550-330 BC)
 Nucleus of Achaemenid Empire starts with a revolt against the Medes in Anshan by king Teispes from Parsu tribe forming the first Indo-Iranian alliance
Darius the Great in his inscription says that his territory extended:
“from the Sakai beyond Sogdia to Nubia, and from India to Lydia”

Cyrus the Great (Cyrus II)
Expands West into Mesopotamia and Anatolia in 550-530 BC
He was reputed to be a good and fair ruler:  Tolerant of religions, light taxes, etc.
Builds his capital at Pasaragade
Dies in 530 B.C. in a battle probably in Central Asia
Cambyses becomes king in 529 B.C.  with peaceful transition
Conquers Egypt in 525 B.C. 
Cambyses leaves Egypt in 522 B.C., but does not make it back to Iran

Pasargadae was the first capital of the Achaemenids:

Darius the Great
Kills the usurper of the throne who took advantage of Cambyses’ absence
After he assumes power, he quells the ensuing rebellion.

Above is a rock relief of Darius I which is in fact a royal propaganda.
Two figures on the left are the allies of Darius. The third figure from the left,
which stands taller than the rest, is Darius himself. The figures on the right
symbolize the rebels which Darius had subjugated.