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Neopalatial (Minoan) Period in Crete (1700-1430 BC)

Palace Sites in Crete during Neopalatial Period

Chania, Knossos, Phaistos, Malla, Zakros


Plan of Knossos Palace

Minoan Frescoes
From the island of Thera:

Delta Complex Room 2 Spring Fresco

Xeste 3 Room 3 Mistress of Animals Fresco

Toreador (Bull Leaping) Fresco from Knossos Palace

Another Bull Leaping Fresco from the Palace at Tell el Dab'a, Egypt
(Pay attention to how similar they are in terms of content)

The Shaft Graves Period on Mainland Greece (1700-1500 BC)

From Mycenae in the northeast of Peloponnesia

Map of Mycenae with Grave Circles B and A

Gold Face Masks from Grave Circle A

Gold Foil Body Cover of a Child

Niello Daggers with Lion Hunt and Lion Hunting Scenes

Combat Scenes on Signet Rings

Metal Vessels