30 Eylül 2010 Perşembe



27 September M        Introduction                                        Ünlü


29 September W        Agricultural Transformation and
the First Permanent Settlements      Özyar 
1 October F                The Rise of Civilization: Early Urban
Centers of the Ancient Near East     Özyar

Reading, week 1 (27 Sept.-1 Oct/): P.N. Stearns, M. Adas, S.B. Schwartz, M.H. Gilbert, World Civilizations: The Global Experience (New York, 2007), pp.  2-25.

4 October M               Egypt: The Pharaonic Kingdom
and the Nile                                        Özyar

6 October W               From Accounting to Writing: Early
Scripts and Ancient Languages        Özyar
8 October F                Social Stratification and Historical Records:
Anatolia in the Bronze Age                Özyar                                                
Readings and sources, week 2 (4-8 Oct.): Stearns et al., pp. 25-45
from The Epic of Gilgamesh


11 October M             The Aegean World in Prehistory: The Minoan
and Mycenaean Civilizations             Ünlü
13 October W             Rise of the Greek Civilization Classical Greek
World and the Polis                          Durak

Movie showing at 17:00 in Garanti Kültür
300 by Zack Snyder, 2006

15 October F              The Hellenic Synthesis                      Durak

Readings and sources, week 3 (11-15 Oct.): Stearns et al, pp. 94-102
from The Edict of Telipinus

18 October M             Ancient Iran: the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire,
the Parthians, and the Sassanian Empire

20 October W           Early South Asia: The Land of Brahmins     
22 October F             Rice Agriculture and Communal Life in China

Readings and sources, week 4 (18-22 Oct.): Stearns et al., pp. 102-115, 116-130
from Thucidydes, The Peloponnesian War, Book II, Chapter VI, Funeral oration of Pericles
Optional reading: from Strabo, Geographica, Book XV, Chapter 3

25 October M             The Confucian State in China            Esenbel

27 October W             Alexandrian Legacy in Asia               Esenbel
29 October F              No Class-No Discussion Session     

1 November M           Rome: the Republic                           Levy
3 November W           Rome: the Empire                             Levy

5 November F            The Fall of Rome and the
Roman Legacy                                  Levy

Readings and sources, week 6 (25 Oct-5 Nov.): Stearns et al., pp. pp. 55-93 &, 140-154.
from Lao Tzu, The Classic of the Way and of Virtue
from Confucius, K’ung fu-tzu,  (469-399 B. C. ) Analects

8 November M           Religion in the Mediterranean World  
and the Rise of Christianity               Levy

10 November W         The Byzantine Empire: from Constantine    
the Great to the Age of Justinian      Durak


12 November F          Byzantine Society from Late Antiquity
to the Middle Ages                             Durak

Readings and sources, week 7 (8-12 Nov.): Stearns et al., pp. 154-157, 218-222, 222-227.

from Augustus, Autobiography, “The Achievements of the Divine”
from the correspondance of Pliny and Trajan

15 November  M        No Class
17 November W         No Class

20 November F          No Class-No Discussion Session

22 November M         Midterm-No Class
24 November W         From the Iconoclastic Controversy
to the  Great Schism: Christianity Divides  

Movie showing at 17:00 in Garanti Kültür
The Crusades, Terry Jones, 1995 (BBC Documentary)

26 November F          Byzantium from the Age of the
Crusades to the Ottoman Conquest

Readings and sources, week 8 (15-20 Nov.): Stearns et al., pp. 304-319 (chapter 14)
from Eusebius of Caesarea, Ecclesiastical History
Constantine's Coins, Statues and the Arch of Constantine in Rome
from Anna Comnena, Alexiad
from Manuel Palaiologos, Letters

29 November M         Medieval Europe: Rural Society and Feudalism

1 December W           Medieval European Politics: Kings and Vassals
3 December F            Medieval European Politics: Popes and Bishops

Reading, week 9 (23 Nov-3 Dec): Stearns et al., pp. 320-343 (chapter 15)
Letter of Fulbert of Chartres on the Obligation of Vassals
Abbe Irminon: Polyptyque de Villeneuve-St. Georges
On Papal Elections
6 December M           Medieval Europe: Towns and Urban Institutions

8 December W           Feudalism in Japan                           Esenbel

10 December F          Medieval Chinese Society and Culture
Readings and sources, week 10 (6-10 Dec.): Stearns et. al. pp. 388-403
The Tale of Heike

13 December M         Religion in the Irano-Mediterranean
World and the Rise of Islam             Pancaroğlu

15 December W         The Caliphate: From Medina
to Damascus and Baghdad             Pancaroğlu

17 December  F         Religious and Political Fragmentation
in the Islamic World                           Pancaroğlu
Readings and sources, week 11 (13-17 Dec): Stearns et al., pp. 366-387, 236-270
from Ibn Khaldun and al-Hilli concerning the nature of the caliphate/imamate
Examples of early Islamic (Umayyad) coinage

 20 December M        Medieval Near Eastern Societies      Pancaroğlu

22 December W         The Genghisid World-Empire          Pancaroğlu

24 December F          Medieval South Asia                          Toksöz

Readings and sources, week 12 (20-24 Dec): Stearns et al., pp., 412-433 (chapter 19)
Primary Sources: To be Announced

27 December M         Medieval Encounters:
Conflict and Coexistence                  Ersoy

Movie showing at 17:00 in Garanti Kültür
The Kingdom of Heaven, Ridley Scott, 2005                      

29 December W         The Greco-Roman Legacy
in the Medieval World                       Ersoy

31 December F          Conclusion                                         Ünlü
                                   Discussion Session: Review session for the final exam

Readings and sources, week 13 (27-31 Dec.): Stearns et. al., pp. 230-235, 450-451
Letters from the documents of the Cairo Geniza